our story

Gold Coast Baking Company has grown over the past 40 years to be one of the largest privately held commercial bakeries in Southern California, providing branded and private label breads and buns to blue chip national and regional grocery brands.

home grown values

At our bakery, we believe that our values are just as important as the products we create. They guide everything we do, from the way we source our ingredients to the way we treat our customers and employees.

we're family

We treat our customers like family which means only the best will do.


We take pride in being deeply connected to our customers and consistently providing quick and efficient responses.


We believe that everyone deserves to eat high-quality food.


Our commitment to excellence, supported by our state-of-the-art facilities, ensures the production of a trustworthy and exceptional product.

bread people who care

We support our local charities and food banks by donating our baked specialties.


Stronger together, our products, community partnerships, and team embody diversity.


humble beginnings to renowned favorites


our roots

The Gold Coast Baking Company Incorporated was established by a group of individuals with a passion for baking. Their homemade pastries and breads were well-received by the community, leading to the expansion of their business with multiple locations and a larger workforce. The company was recognized for their unique and high-quality products.


santa ana

Gold Coast relocated their business to Santa Ana, California. This location provides the ideal conditions for the fermentation process, resulting in a distinct flavor profile that sets our bread apart.



Production operations were relocated in partnership with Pioneer French Baking Company. This allowed Gold Coast to expand production capabilities and improve efficiency in order to continue providing our customers with the high-quality, unique products that we are known for.


cross-country delivery

Gold Coast's trucking dock expanded to focus on servicing well-known, high-volume customers. This expansion led to the high-quality and timely delivery of our premium baked goods to continue growth and the strengthen relationships with key partners.


expanding horizons

The addition of a rack oven line at the Santa Ana facility focusing on the production of specialty items like artisan sourdoughs allowed the expansion of offerings and meeting the growing demand for our products.


reaching homes

Our staple items were adopted in the country's largest blue-chip grocers, driving substantial growth for the company. The inclusion in these stores not only exposed Gold Coast products to more customers but also provided a vote of confidence in the quality and taste of our products by these reputable retailers.



Significant new business wins with several new blue-chip accounts as well as longtime existing companies


kanan baking company

Kanan Baking Company merges with Gold Coast, bringing a new management team, new customers and expanded capacity to the company. The addition of the culture and resources of KBC will enable better service to existing customers as well as the opportunity to reach new ones. Kanan’s product offering is complementary to Gold Coast’s which allows us to offer a wider variety of products to our Customers.The merger will allow us to continue to provide high quality, GMO and Preservative free products at competitive pricing.

So Far

our valued customers

The Gold Coast Baking Company is thrilled to be serving an impressive 1 Million units daily to over 14,000 locations, which is a testament to our exceptional quality and consistent delivery of delicious baked goods. Using 500,000+ pounds of flour a week, we are proud to be satisfying the tastes of over 100 million customers. We are committed to continuously improving and expanding our offerings to meet the demands of our valued customers and look forward to reaching even more people with our delicious baked goods.